Keep Your Food Simple!

When food is simple, eating healthy is simple. When food is simple, life is simple.

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Knowledge: A Key Ingredient

We use ingredients with names you can pronounce from local growers and national brands you can trust.

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Wholesome, Fresh & Tasty

Discover the goodness and simplicity of eating healthy in our world today.

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Made with fresh ingredients including Metro Deli All Natural, preservative and nitrate free meats. Paired with delicious all natural cheeses, Organic Produce and toasted on great bead!


Fresh 100% Organic Produce with Organic Salad dressings. Then we add all natural meats and cheeses to make it a meal!


Purity Organic Super juice and Fruit Juices as well as Boylan Sugar Cane Fountain Soda.

Food Made Simple.

We use ingredients from national and local brands that you recognize. We pair them together and don’t complicate things allowing you to taste the results.

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Food Made Fresh.

Fresh never frozen is what we like. No freezers in this restaurant. Food is prepared daily with fresh, natural and preservative free ingredients. We make all sandwiches and salads when they are ordered so you know they are fresh. This might take a little extra time but its worth the wait.

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Food Made For You.

We have a variety of options, something for everyone. Our menu allows those with certain dietary restrictions to find something they like. We have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. We have a separate panini press for gluten free items to ensure your safety and health. We want you to know that your needs are important to us!

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Only the best natural ingredients to create delicious sandwiches and salads.

At Simple Natural Deli we pride ourselves on serving you fresh, delicious and natural food. You will have access to full ingredient lists for every product we use and you will be able to pronounce every item. We have designed the menu to create the best experience and choose something that fits your dietary needs.


Organic Options

We offer organic options as much as possible — it’s what we believe in — and you’ll know what’s organic and what’s not

Local Food Sources

We’re working with local growers as well as national brands to offer you the best selections possible

100% Transparency

We believe in 100% transparency with all of our practices so if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask

Start Eating Healthier Today!

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