Pure ... meet Simple.

Our Story

With a love for good food and the desire to take the next step Louis Lake and Bryan Bonfiglio set out to create a new experience. The idea was to create food made from exceptional ingredients, in a fast casual setting and keep it simple. With almost 30 years of experience combined we are bringing you everything we can to create a unique environment to get the highest quality and natural ingredients in a casual setting. Simple Natural Deli Sylvania Ohio Signage

Louis Lake

Owner, Chef

Louis has worked in local establishments and corporate restaurants for 15 years. Louis learned all aspects of the restaurant industry through a combination of work experience and education; this is the only field he has ever worked in. The experience of corporate and locally owned restaurants has led Louis to achieving his goal of opening a restaurant. The love of fresh, natural and delicious food inspired Louis Lake and Partner Bryan Bonfiglio to create “Simple Natural Deli”.

Bryan Bonfiglio

Owner, Chef

Bryan has been in the restaurant industry for 19 years. His passion and training were developed with a very “hands on” approach to the industry. He learned as much as he could, as fast as he could. Bryan worked his way up from washing dishes as a teenager, to working as a Chef in corporate restaurants and in smaller locally owned restaurants.  After a short career working as a consultant for local establishments and working as a musician on the weekends, Bryan has teamed up with local Chef, friend and coworker Louis Lake to bring you “Simple Natural Deli”.